How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith


How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Do you know what the opposite of faith is? Fear. I see it more and more that people are allowing fear to seep into their lives without even realizing it. The enemy knows if he can get us to a place of fear, we can not have faith in God.

Fear forces us to try to change our own situations instead of having faith that God can change them for us. When we allow fear into our lives, we are eliminating God’s ability to work in our lives.

We are currently in the midst of flu season, and the media is declaring it to be one of the worst flu seasons we have ever had. Do you know what this is producing in people? Fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely guilty of it too! I want to control and fix this situation myself. What can I do to keep my family safe? Stay home, use a gallon of wipes every time we leave the house, and diffuse all of the oils.

Although there is nothing wrong with any of these precautions, am I truly having faith in God’s ability to keep my family safe when I do these things? We serve a mighty God who can do the unthinkable in our lives if we simply have FAITH in Him.

I do think He grants us with wisdom to make wise decisions, but I also think we need to often get out of our own heads and stop trying to fix our own situations and just have faith in Him.

Complete Trust

Faith is defined as complete trust and confidence in someone or something. Think about that for a moment. If we genuinely have complete trust in God to take care of our situations, we can stop striving to fix them on our own.

I often find myself veering over into the lane of trying to fix it myself. This quickly leaves me feeling defeated and exhausted. God wants us to have to lean on Him.

He wants us to need Him and we absolutely do. We can not do this life on our own. We must have faith in Him for every circumstance we are facing.

Fear vs Faith

I was recently at a social gathering with my daughter. She was about 9 months old at the time, and I noticed as soon as we walked in that another baby about her age had a runny nose.

I immediately went into protective mom mode and did everything in my power to keep her away from the sick baby. Fear  seeped into my life, and I did not enjoy the night at all.

I was pretty much counting down the minutes until we could leave because I did not want my daughter to get sick. I allowed fear to take over and completely threw faith out the window.

Now wisdom tells me it’s probably not the best to let them share toys or interact too closely, but fear tells me to go into overdrive keeping them away from each other and even by us being in the same room our entire family will become deeply ill.

Remember that faith is COMPLETE trust in someone. If I am truly operating in faith, I believe that God can keep my daughter safe and healthy regardless of our circumstances.

I didn’t intentionally put my daughter in an unhealthy situation. It was simply the situation we were given. I really could’ve used some faith that night to allow me to enjoy the evening and trust that God could keep my family safe.

Fear Did Not Serve Me

Do you know what happened a couple of days after the party? My daughter got sick. Operating in fear did me no good. Someone kindly offered her a toy and without me or the other person knowing it, the sick baby had played with that same toy.

Fear did not serve me in this situation. I wonder what would’ve happened had I approached the party with a little more faith and a lot less fear.

Am I saying that God allowed my daughter to get sick? Absolutely not, but I do believe when we allow fear to come into our lives, we don’t leave room for faith; and without faith we limit God’s ability to move.

Faith in All Areas

We need faith in so many areas of our lives. Our finances, health, marriages, and careers. Without faith, these areas can often seem daunting. We want to try to fix them on our own, but if we have true complete and total faith in God; we know we don’t need to fix them on our own.

Maybe you have more debt than you can ever imagine getting out of, begin to align your life in a way that is pleasing to God; and then have faith that He can do the impossible.

He can fix our “unfixable” situations in an instant, we simply must have FAITH in Him. I am so guilty of trying to fix or change things on my own, when I so often just need more faith.

The Solution

So how do we change this? How do we overcome the fear of thinking we need to change and fix things ourself? We begin to study and profess the Word.

I am realizing more and more often how stinkin’ my thinkin’ really is, and the only way to overcome this is by having faith in God and by replacing my negative thoughts with things the Word tells me.

The world tells me “it’s flu season, freak out and don’t leave your home”. The Word tells me “you serve a mighty God who will protect you and keep you safe”.

Begin today by filling your mind with things from the Word and not from the world. We serve a mighty God who wants to work mightily in our lives. We just need to have FAITH in HIm.

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Faith Preview

I’d love to hear from you!! Was there a time you overcame fear with faith?
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8 thoughts on “How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

  1. FEAR (false evidence appearing real). If allowed, it can consume our whole potential and leave us bankrupt. It can indeed take full control of our lives. The world smells of fear all around us. You want to do this; you get scared and stop. You want to do the other, someone discourages you, not in a very polite way and you cringe. But there is this one verse that encourages me though I can’t quite remember exactly where it is. “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.”
    You can imagine staying indoors because of flu! Probably hoping the outbreak will end soon! What if it worsens or it doesn’t? WALK WITH CHRIST is my motto. Thank you for this faith enriching article.

    1. I love that acronym for fear! I will definitely be referencing it in the future. Thanks for the very thoughtful comment! 🙂

  2. The media sure can produce anxiety and fear in us! It’s great to be informed, yet it can be overwhelming. Thankfully as you mention, God has taught us how to deal with the fear that shows up in our life replacing the ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ with His Word! Visiting from Christian Women Bloggers today!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment! His word is a powerful tool for renewing our minds, so thankful for it.

  3. “Without faith we limit God’s ability to move”… FAVORITE takeaway!!! It can really be a fine line we walk because I too fall prey to trying and TRUSTING only in my ability to exercise wisdom in fixing things, after all, God gave me wisdom right? Enter FEAR because I neglected to TRUST God in my heart…

    GREAT WORD great direction and insight Lauren 😊

    1. Thank you! It is definitely something I am working towards too. Complete trust is not easy!!

  4. This was so good! It’s very easy to allow fear to stop us from obeying God. This is why faith is so vital in pleasing God and why it’s “the currency of Heaven, so to speak.

    1. I completely agree! Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful comment. 🙂

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