3 Ways to be a Productive Blogger Without Waking up at 3 A.M.

I know of at least two pro bloggers who wake up as early as 3 A.M. to work on their blog.

As a mom of a little one, I understand the allure. I have very little time to work uninterrupted, and in an attempt to gain a few extra hours; I’ve willed myself out of bed far earlier than my body would’ve liked.

Here’s what I’ve found to be true when I skip out on a few hours of sleep hoping to knock out a few big task, I’m way less productive.

My mind isn’t clear and sure I’m up for more hours, but I’m actually accomplishing less. Has anyone else experienced this?

I was recently listening to a podcast from Joyce Meyer and she confirmed what I had been feeling. She said we can’t outsmart the system of time by trying to gain a few more hours in the day by skipping out on sleep.

We will in turn be less productive, and the extra hours we were trying to gain will be a wash.

3 Ways to be a Productive Blogger

I’ve definitely experienced this in myself. I may be successful at waking up far too early for a couple of days, but I eventually crash and usually I’m so disoriented during the “extra” time I’ve gained, that it wasn’t even worth the sleep I lost.

So, moving forward I’ll be skipping the early mornings and ensuring I get all the ZZZ’s I need to be my most productive self.

Have you tried the early morning thing? Did it work for you?

If not and you are ready to ditch the early mornings too, you can find 3 tips below to help you be productive with your blog without sacrificing your sleep.

1. Pray and ask God for wisdom to use the time you do have wisely.

God promises that if we seek wisdom, we will find wisdom. The second part of this is that you also must believe He will give it to you. You can’t just ask and be done, you must believe in your heart that it will actually happen.

He promises He will, so He will, but often our minds and hearts don’t truly believe He will so we miss out on the infinite wisdom God has available for us.

Once He does give you wisdom on how to properly use your time, trust Him and actually do what he tells you to do. You might be surprised at the things He has you cut out or asks you to do, but remember His ways are always better than our ways. You CAN and SHOULD trust Him.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord completely, and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in every decision you make. 

2. Do first things first.

The best way to be productive is to do first things first. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in a sea of pointless emails, responding to comments, or scrolling social media platforms with the limited time you have.

I’m always shocked when I see people share their daily blogging schedule and they list “check emails” as their first task. I’m pretty sure there is no worst time-sucker than emails. Please don’t let this be your first task of the day.

Make sure your first task of the day is something that is going to propel you forward toward your goal. This way if you do have a limited amount of time, you’ve at least started or possibily even finished your important task, rather than getting stuck in a sea of emails and ultimately doing little with the time you had.


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3. Focus on your one big thing.

Focusing on one big task has been a game changer for me! This can also be called time blocking which is all the buzz among bloggers right now, and for good reason. You can be far more productive when you put all of your time and energy into one type of task rather than jumping around among a lot of different small tasks.

Working though EBA really showed me the power of time blocking. Ruth Soukup does an amazing job of chunking tasks together to allow you to get the most bang for your efforts.

This book, The One Thing, goes into a lot more detail on this topic. I haven’t read the entire book yet, but the sneak peek I have read is amazing. I’ve also heard rave reviews from other bloggers. If you struggle with identifying your one important task and then following through with it, I highly recommend checking this book out!

That’s All Friends!

Making the most of the time you do have will allow you to get the ZZZ’s you need and still become a successful blogger.

You don’t have to sacrifice your sleep in order to be an amazing blogger. And honestly from experience, the times I tried to gain more hours by sacrificing sleep left me exhausted and less productive than I would’ve been had I just let my body get the sleep it needed.

Even with as little as thirty minutes to an hour a day you can reach your goals. Most weeks I’m lucky if I have 3-4 hours total to work on my blog, but I ensure that I jump in headfirst during those times and I work on the task that will actually propel me forward in reaching my goals.

You can do it too! Through HIM all things are possible.

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